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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is ruining my life.



no, i don’t watch that show, but i do follow its developments extensively via tumblr

“Being OK” isn’t a celebration. “Being OK” isn’t a guarantee that you’ll never feel the pain again. “Being OK” is summed up in six words: that happened a long time ago.

This has changed you. It is always going to be something that has changed you, for the rest of your life. It will pop up in ways that surprise you. There will be days when the pain is back. If you have post-traumatic stress, you are not going to have an easy time of this. You are going to have to walk through more than most to get to “OK,” and you may have to keep walking back to it, over and over. But you are not alone, and help exists, and “the rest of your life” is hopefully going to be a very long time. One day, all of this will have happened a long time ago. That’s what I can tell you, about being OK.


tbh if that good omens radio adaptation turns out to be the best of queen on repeat for an hour over bbc radio 4 i won’t even be mad


Dascha Polanco at the Tracy Reese Fashion Show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015

I forgot to breathe

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A woman of color plays a lead character. There’s a trans character who’s treated respectfully. The white British dude is the immigrant with an accent, not the Asian woman. The cast is diverse. The story is interesting and fun. Moriarty is a powerful, complex female character with diverse motivations. Lucy fucking Liu is in it. There’s kick-ass mystery solving shit going on. There’s a pet turtle. Elementary is a gift to us all. 


This whole bit is made all the funnier by knowing that all of the guards were just random extras who weren’t told what was going to happen only that they weren’t allowed laugh at any cost as they wouldn’t be payed if they did.

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While there is a lot of appropriate rage about Ferguson right now, the killing of John Crawford, III is getting less attention than it deserves. I put Shaun King’s tweets and history lesson on the matter in chronological order for easier consumption.


Autopsy and video show John Crawford shot from behind in Wal-Mart

Witness in murder of John Crawford changes story

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every single person you know has something in their life and past that is probably worth collapsing to the ground in an uncontrollably sobbing heap over, so be nice to each other and tell good jokes


"You’d struggle to pour water out of a boot with the instructions on the heel"

God DAMN thats some Shakespearean shit right there

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Bruce Willis is probably going to keep making action movies because you know what they say about old habits